Racing Words

Racing Words - sight wordsA fun game for building word recognition skills the multisensory way. See it. Then say the letters while writing it. All you need is paper, pencil, a die, and labels.




Pick 3 or 4 high frequency words to write at the bottom of the table. Write the words on stickers as well, and stick them onto the faces of a die or onto a blank spinner. The child spins or rolls, identifies the word that comes up, and writes it in the first blank space of the table. (It is important that s/he say each letter name as s/he writes it.) The first word to have its entire column filled is the winner. This game is fun to play with a peer or a grown-up even though the competition is not between the players but between the words on the player’s table.


Racing Words - word families








In this version, you pick 3 or 4 word families to put at the bottom of the table as well as on the faces of the die or spaces on the spinner. When a child rolls or spins a family (for example –it), s/he thinks of a word in that family and writes it in the first open box in the appropriate column. Again, saying each letter as it is written is important. It provides both auditory and kinesthetic memory support. And it is important for the enjoyment factor that the competition is between words, not between players.