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Short Vowel Racer on JAMBOARD

What I really love on Jamboard is the feature that allows you to upload media. You’ll see that I make extensive use of free clip art offerings. Using the post-it function in the toolbar, you can also make word cards or a game track around the perimeter of the Jamboard. A word of caution here: You can’t customize the font on the post-its or selectively color different letters to highlight a particular orthographic pattern.

This Short Vowel Racer game is designed to be non-competitve in format, but you could, of course, assign players different vowels. In this case, the winner will be a person, not a vowel sound. You’ll see in the video that I’m the maestro of the game board. That’s because the student is very young. With older children, you can share the Jamboard with them so they can make their own moves. I have one student who even adds features to our game board in his spare time.

Syllable SET

syllable set

Syllable Set is a two-person game for developing efficiency in finding syllables. I’ve taken the procedure for the visual perception game SET and adapted it for word work. In pairs, each student tries to be the first to find a set of three word cards with either a matching first, medial, or final syllable. Students love the fast-paced competitive nature of it.

NEW: A ready-made Syllables Set game is available on Teachers Pay Teachers under my seller name, On Your Mark.


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