Syllable SET

syllable set

Syllable Set is a two-person game for developing efficiency in finding syllables. I’ve taken the procedure for the visual perception game SET and adapted it for word work. In pairs, each student tries to be the first to find a set of three word cards with either a matching first, medial, or final syllable. Students love the fast-paced competitive nature of it.

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Syllables Set uses a deck consisting of 39 cards of carefully selected three syllable words. (The words for two sets are listed below.)

The dealer arranges the top 9 cards face-up in a 3 by 3 grid, and  both players look for a set. A set consists of three cards with matching prefix, matching base word, or matching suffix. When a set is spotted, a player calls out “SET,” picks up the three cards with the matching syllable, and reads the word. The dealer fills the vacant spots with three new words from the deck, and the search for a set resumes. The game ends when all the cards have been dealt and there are no more sets to be found. Most sets are worth one point each. But since a matching syllable in the middle of a word is harder to spot, a set consisting of three cards with matching base words earns a player two points. The person with the most points wins, and a new round begins.

                                    WORD LIST #1

election                      projecting                pretending

attended                    injection                   intention

retention                    reacting                   attentive

contention                 preventive               attention

inventive                    presented                intending

protective                   predicted                 eruption

elective                       consented                inaction

disruptive                   consenting              invented

ejection                       inducted                  prevention

production                 conducting              pretended

electing                       reduction                 presenting

invention                    conduction               contending

reacted                        ejected                     reaction


                     WORD LIST #2

permission                permissive                resisting

impending                 impression               expression

imparting                   expressive                expensive

impressive                 dependence             desisted

suspected                  preventive                departing

incentive                     inventing                 inspecting

insisted                       dismissing               dismissive

departed                     depended               depressing

subjected                    subjective                rejecting

dejected                      submission             subsistence

injected                        insistence               inventive

insisting                       respected               repression

suspension                  suspended            respective