Words of A Feature Flock Together is a group game that focuses on different syllable types.

I made this deck of word cards to familiarize my students with the labels for different kinds of syllables in the Wilson program. The deck involves looking at different components of words and associating them with their labels. The cards can be used to play two different games, both of which are described below. Version 2 is the variant that is pictured here.

Version 1:

Each player is dealt 5 word cards. They can be placed face up on the table or held in hand. The Clue Cards are placed face down in the center of the table and players take turns taking one and reading it to the group. Players look to see if they have a word that fits the clue, and then they turn it over. An example of a Clue Card is: “a word with a long a sound in it.” Often a player will have more than one word that fits the clue, but s/he may only turn over one word for each Clue Card. The round is over when five Clue Cards have been used. The group’s cards that haven’t been turned over are tallied as the score for Round 1. Then another round is played. The object is to have a round where 0 or only 1 card remains face up.

Version 2:

In this game, each player is dealt 7 cards. They aim to make two threesomes of words which share a feature. (They need to be familiar with the Clue Cards so they know what kinds of features they’re looking for.) Pairs don’t count in this game, but if a foursome can be made, that trick will garner 4 points rather than 3. Each player’s “tricks” are scored at the end of a round. The object is to be the player with the highest score.

                                    WORD LIST 

without                  locate                 Thanksgiving

gallop                     awake                 hundred

excite                      produce             caveman

humbug                 amaze                 meanwhile

random                  insult                   insect

atlas                       trumpet               finish

himself                  selfish                  homemade

goblin                    problem               enchant

common               wholesome          classmate

publish                  chestnut                button

pumpkin                publish                  campfire

sandwich                bathmat               deckhand

sunfish                    something            chopstick

mistake                   washtub                Batman

contact                    pretzel                   handball


a compound word

a word that ends in a consonant blend

a word that has a consonant blend in it

a word with a /k/ sound in it

a word with a double consonant in it

a word with a digraph in it

a word with a short a sound in it

a word with a short i sound in it

a word with a long a sound in it

a word with a double vowel syllable in it

a word with a vce syllable in it

a word with an open syllable in it

a word with a schwa sound in it