Marvelous Mazes – Juliet and Charles Snape


Marvelous Mazes is a good companion for the Stories to Solve books because it too presents games in a book format. And it too is captivating to young and old alike. The meticulously drawn miniature landscapes are intriguing to wander through even for kids who aren’t that into mazes.


The book’s 12 double-paged spreads consist of landscapes to navigate via mazes. The settings span the gamut from a medieval fortress and a pirate ship to an underground troll warren and a river beset with patches of vegetation. My youngest child sat for hours on her own gazing at the pictures over and over again. Sometimes we looked at the book together, playing I Spy on a page or Would You Rather? live here or there. My oldest was more action-oriented and worked until he had successfully completed each maze. For those with low frustration tolerance, the possible solutions mapped out on the end pages are a godsend.

Full disclosure: this book is no longer in print, but it is available from used book sellers who partner with Amazon. Juliet and Charles Snape have collaborated on multiple maze books, some of which are still in print. They look excellent as well.