Blends Blastoff

Blends Blastoff engages kids in developing their visual discrimination skills in a lively, non-competitive format. The versatile word cards are designed for initial consonant blends identification as well as for common vowel endings differentiation. With one deck of cards, you get two different games of blastoff fun!

A ready-to-use Blends Blastoff game is available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Search for On Your Mark Blends Blastoff.

This is a game for three people. Each player gets a Blends Blastoff board with the initial blends sm, sl, st, sn, and sp. They share a deck of 45 cards consisting of words beginning with these blends as well as two Your Choice cards. (Word List below.)

Taking turns picking up word cards from the central deck, players “file” their words in the matching consonant blend columns. Play continues until the four spaces in one blend’s column is full. That blend (not that child) is the winner of round one. Players shuffle cards and begin round two, ending the round when one player has a full consonant blend column.


  1. Instead of placing the word cards down on the appropriate spots, children can copy the words into the spaces on their Blends Blastoff boards for extra reinforcement of the sound-symbol connection.
  2. Rather than zeroing in on beginnings of words, children can use an Endings Examination board and sort the word cards into the -ing, -er, -ed,  and -y columns.


slipping              sticky            snappy            spotty             smelling

sloppy                stubby          snobby            spelled           smaller

slanted               stuffy           snacked           spotted          smoggy

slipped               stubbed       sniffed             speller            smelly

slapped              stabbed       snapped         spinner

slicker                stopped        snapper         spender

slimmer             sticker           snipping        sputter

slipper               stiffer            sniffing           spilling

sledding            stamping      snipped          spitting

sloshing             stuffing