Rhyme Time Activities

from a very old edition of Ladybug magazine

My heart goes out to the  parents of pre-readers as they embark on this home-schooling adventure. So I’m going live with some ideas for the young’uns.







Add your own verses:

As I was going away, way, way

Going away in May, May, May,

I told my little dog to ______, ______, _______,

And she did, so I shouted, “Hurray, ray, ray”

As I was going away.


As I was going way back, back, back

Back along the train track, track, track,

I was so hungry, I had a ______, ______, ______,

Pulled it right out of my ______, ______, ______,

As I was going way back.


As I was sitting on a mat, mat, mat,

I noticed beside me a _______, ______, _______,

At first I thought it was a ________, _______, _______,

But anyway I gave it a _______, ________, ________,

As I sat there on my mat.

Fruitful starting words:

hike; ride; line; ship; lake; king; queen, plus many more.


And don’t forget an old favorite:

Sing the song Willabee, Wallaby (which most kids will know from school) with household objects in place of classmates’ names.

Willabee, Wallaby, wathtub,

An elephant sat in the bathtub.

Willabee, Wallaby, willow,

An elephant sat on the ______________.

And so on.