PLAY ON WORDS (DavidJamesGames)

“With PLAY ON WORDS  you not only make words, but also change, rearrange and steal words. Combo cards, flip cards, and wild cards give even more options in this tug-of-war word challenge that is just the right mix of brain exercise and fun.”


The game deck consists of 70 letter cards and one of each of the following: CH, CK, QU, SH, ST and TH. For added flexibility there is a card that can be played as a V or Z and one that can be an X or a J. Two Wild Cards and one card that can be played as a double vowel team or a double consonant enliven the game. The object of Play on Words is to have the most letter cards assembled into words when the deck runs out.

8 letter cards are turned up in the center of the table for every turn. The first player sees what word or words s/he can make and assembles them into tricks that are placed face up on the table. On each subsequent turn, one word must be made from the 8 upturned cards, but now other players’ words are fair game too. By adding an s to the end of someone else’s word, a player captures it, and now it goes face up in front of that player. Flexibility is rewarded in this game! An S could turn LATE into STEAL, or REAL into LASER, for example. Directions are included for a Solitaire version as well as for a less advanced group game.

If you like Banangrams or Boggle, you will definitely want to try this game. The downside is that only one player goes at a time, which is not true of the games mentioned above, so there are ample opportunities to become self-conscious or impatient. The game is advertised for ages 8 to 88. But to be fair, I think it should be stated that its greatest  appeal is to people who are avowed word-building aficionados.