Construct three syllable words with open, closed and vowel-consonant-e syllables.

Each player or team of players arranges the syllable cards in columns on the table. A timer is set for 5 minutes, and the wordsmithing begins! Only 3 syllable words are accepted, and everyone present has to agree that they’ve heard them. To be valid, the word must be spelled correctly on the score sheet (including those that require dropping an e before adding the vowel suffix.) My third graders play in pairs with one person as the “wordsmith” and the other as the “scribe.” On Round 2, they switch roles. When assigning the role of wordsmith on Round 1, I bear in mind that this job is significantly harder on Round 2 since words that have already been found can’t be repeated. Each correct three syllable word is worth 3 points. If the word is one your opponents don’t have, its value is doubled. The team or player with the most points at the end of two rounds is the winner. Or if you prefer the everyone-gets-a-trophy model, you can simply tally the grand total of everyone’s scores.

Syllable List:

pro   sane   ive

re     tire     ment

pre   crete   ly

con  vent    er

in     tend    ed