Seize the Sight Words


Seize the high frequency words you can identify.

Array the word cards face down on the table in the shape of a game track. (I like to use a spiral for this one.) Player 1 rolls the die and advances the communal playing piece the requisite number of cards. Then s/he flips over the cards she passed. If the child can correctly identify the words and use them in a spoken phrase or sentence, s/he gets to keep those cards. If an error is made on one word, that card becomes a Bonus card for the next player to take if s/he can read it and use it correctly in a sentence. Play advances to Player 2 who rolls the die, moves the group’s playing piece, and reads the words s/he passed. When all the cards have been seized, the game is over. If you’re playing for a winner, it’s the person with the most cards at the end of the game.

Word List: Taken from Fountas and Pinnell Word Lists Levels A-C

no        so        go        is
on       can       in        me
up       you      am       it
do       and      the      like
to       my        see      a
we      he        are      boy
day    eat       girl      come
got    has      look     man
not   out      play      mom
put   run      read      she
sit    they     was       went
yes  jump    ran        will


Variations are endless: math facts, Spanish vocabulary, etc. My third graders like to distinguish between homophones  in this game format.