STRIPES OF ALL TYPES by Susan Stockdale

Stripes of All Types


With bold artwork and captivating couplets, Susan Stockdale presents the immense diversity in animal kind. When you finish the book, you’ll want to go right back to the beginning to experience it all over again!


Stripes of All Types focuses on the striped patterns of nineteen creatures from six classes of animals in every one of the earth’s biomes. With vibrant colors and prominent patterns, Susan Stockdale showcases the patterns of these animals and their habitats. Each animal’s static posture highlights its coloration and prompts the reader to wonder how the adaptation of stripes works for the creature. The stunning pictures are enhanced by the alliterative couplets describing the animals’ behavior. Below each illustration is a three word descriptive phrase that uses an evocative verb and establishes a steady rhythm and pleasing rhyme. Four animals in succession are described in this way: Prowling the prairie, perched on a peak. Crawling on cactus, and camped by a creek.

The challenge in creating a book of this type is to move towards an ending that conveys a sense of closure. Stockdale creates a satisfying ending to what would otherwise feel like a random list by moving from the exotic to the familiar in a pleasing swoop in the final pages. From three okapi to one turkey on a farm, we come to rest on two tabby cats in children’s arms. For children and adults who want more information about the biological benefit of stripes for the individual animals, there’s a guide at the back of the book. And for kids who want to test their pattern recognition skills, there’s a guessing game included. But even without these extras, the stunning visuals and the pleasing rhythm and rhyme make this book appealing to the preschool and kindergarten set.