Three Little Pigs


In this adaptation of a classic, Gaydos has created a lively communal reading experience for first graders.


This Now I’m Reading! set consists of 6 books. One of them tells the story of The Three Little Pigs, and the five others are the scripts for the five parts: the narrator, the wolf, the pig in yellow, the pig in red, and the pig in blue. A thumbnail picture of each character in the left margin lets the reader follow the different character’s lines, with his or her part in bold font on a highlighted background. These features make for a highly successful readers’ theater experience for Level H readers.

Page 8 reads like this:

Narrator: The little pigs ran to the hut of the pig in the red hat.

Wolf: (Knock, knock.) Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!

Red pig: Oh, no! It is the big, bad wolf! I can see him.

Yellow pig: Go away, wolf!

The boxed set includes 4 little paper masks for eyes and nose. I haven’t used these since the fact that the narrator doesn’t get one seems problematic for a group of first graders. Besides that, the masks look tiny. With or without the face garb, a five-some can have a rollicking good time with this play!

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