Three Syllable Bingo


Three Syllable Bingo is an engaging way to practice segmenting words for spelling.

This game can accommodate as many people as you want. Each player needs a  customized bingo board and 25 chips. (Transparent chips work best.)  Every board has every syllable, but since they are located in different squares, the players do not simultaneously get a bingo. I usually play until each player has at least one bingo, but if time allows, the kids like to go for a blackout (where all the squares are covered.) The advantage of this version is that once you’re down to the last 2 words or so, you can ask the students to figure out what one of the remaining words is.

I inherited this game from my mother. But since it wasn’t in the original box, I don’t know which company put it out. There are different sets of cards: for practicing open syllables, closed syllables, and prefixes and suffixes in two syllable words. The word lists I’m including are from Sets N and O which deal with three syllable words. Please be careful about the dashes when you make your boards since they indicate whether the syllable is the first, middle, or last one in a word. The middle square on the bingo board is marked Free, and all players put a chip on it at the start of the game.


um-      -brel-      -la
dif-       -fer-        -ent
po-       -ta-          -to
re-        -mem-    -ber
gro-     -cer-        -y
pro-     -mo-        -tion
il-          -lus-        -trate
mo-      -las-        -ses


en-      -ter-     -tain
mes-   -sen-    -ger
tor-     -pe-      -do
fi-        -nal-     -ly
re-       -la-       -tion
im-      -por-    -tant
in-       -ter-     -rupt
cu-      -cum-  -ber