Riddle to the Moon

Riddle to the Moon

Riddle to the Moon is designed to enhance children’s listening and divergent thinking skills.

The adult has a deck of riddles (listed below.) A riddle is read to Player 1 who needs to supply a reasonable answer. S/he may offer as many as 3 responses. For each accepted response, the player moves one notch closer to Blast Off on their rocket. The riddle then goes to Player 2. If player 2 can think of reasonable responses that have not already been said, s/he moves down the requisite number of spaces. For round 2, Player 2 gets the first shot at the new riddle, and then it moves to the other player. The play continues in this manner until one player has reached Blast Off.

*If you have a child who is particularly literal and rigid in their thinking, it’s helpful to play with teams of two. This child can then hear from a model who has a more creative approach to the task.


RIDDLES, Level 1:                         RIDDLES, Level 2:

It has 4 legs.                              It is big and hairy.

It is a fruit.                                  It is a sour fruit.

It has sharp teeth.                     It is a round toy.

You can roll it.                           It is wet and sticky.

It can keep you warm.              It is sharp and it can hurt you.

It can fly.                                    It is small and round.

It is huge.                                   It is sharp and pointy.

It makes a loud noise.               It is warm and wet.

You would love to eat it.          It smells good, but tastes bad.

It shines at night.

It is hard to hear.

It can make you cry.

It has wheels.

It is tiny.

RIDDLES, Level 3:

It helps you do school work, and it fits in your bag.
It is a ball used in a sport, but it isn’t round.
It is a machine that flies, but it does not have wings.
It is a pet you can keep in an aquarium, but it is not a fish.
It is a game played on a board, and it is played by 2 people.
It is something shiny you wear, but it is not clothing.
It uses electricity, but it is not a light.
It makes a loud noise,  but it is not fireworks.
It is in a house, and it gets hot.
It is a kind of clothing you don’t wear in the summer.