APPLE to APPLES, Junior (Mattel)

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Apples to Apples, Junior is a game for third grade and up. It encourages creative thinking about concept relationships while fostering debating skills.

The game is designed for four or more players. The role of “judge” rotates between players. The judge turns over a green apple card with an adjective on it such as Smelly. Each player looks through his/her 5 red apple cards (nouns) and picks the one that is the best exemplar of this adjective. In the hand pictured above, the choice is between Monkeys, Flip-flops, Sand Castles, Pickles, and Spinach. Going around the table, each player tries to convince the judge that his or her card is the most fitting match for the adjective. As the final arbiter, the judge picks one red apple card as the winner. That player receives a point and becomes the judge in the next round. The game is over when one player gets four points.