THE MOLE SISTERS series by Roslyn Schwartz

Roslyn Schwartz


The Mole Sisters is a collection of stories perfectly matched to a toddler’s way of thinking. The small five-inch square books are excellent to snuggle up with.



Each book consists of a simple adventure for the pair of optimistic moles. The 3-inch by 2-inch colored pencil illustrations are immensely appealing and straightforward in conveying the action. The accompanying text, with no more than eight words on a page, adds dialogue, sound effects and some simple narration. In effect, the Mole Sisters books are graphic novels for the preschool set.

The story outline of The Mole Sisters and the Rainy Day doesn’t begin to do justice to the reading experience. The two moles head out for a walk and when it begins to rain, they retreat to their burrow. After they discover a leak in the ceiling, they dig a hole to collect the water in a pool. They splash around in the pool until the rain ends, at which point they go back outside. But the story becomes completely captivating when brought to life with sound effects and pictures of the adorable bald-faced, short-armed creatures. On one page we hear WHOOSH as the sisters are buffeted about by the wind; as they outrun a lightning bolt on the next page, the text says YIKES. When they discover the leak in the ceiling, one mole covers her mouth in consternation and the other worriedly wrings her hands. The sound effects and fantastical thinking of the moles is completely in sync with the primary process thinking of a youngster.

Warning: A collection of the stories has been published. Though it’s a more cost effective way to get the stories, I don’t recommend buying it. The formatting of the compilation enlarges the pictures and detracts from the immediacy of the moles’ experiences. Entering into the mole duo’s escapades in one of the single books is like glimpsing the pastoral scene inside one of those old-fashioned sugar Easter eggs. It’s enchanting for both kids and grown-ups!

Stories in the Series:

The Mole Sisters and the Rainy Day
The Mole Sisters and the Fairy Ring
The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night
The Mole Sisters and the Blue Egg
The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees
The Mole Sisters and the Piece of Moss
The Mole Sisters and the Question
The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat
The Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze
The Mole Sisters and the Way Home