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Xoom Cubes are designed to be used in a variety of word building games for 2-8 players, aged 6 to 96.

Each XOOM Cube box comes with 14 letter cubes in 4 sets of different colors. Pictured here are 3 sets from the primary box and 2 sets from the pastel box. The cubes from both boxes combine to accommodate 8 players. In the attractive magnetic-clasped box, you also get a XOOM Cube “flag” which goes in the center of the table if you’re playing a variation that doesn’t use a timer.

The Instructions booklet outlines many different games. In some of them, a player uses his/her set to compete against the other players. The simplest goal is to be the first one to make a four-letter word out of some of the letters that are rolled. In this version, you want to be the first one to grab the XOOM Cube flag from the center of the table. Some of the game suggestions use a timer and require more from a player. For example, you might compete to be the player with the most cubes used in words when the time runs out, or the player to have the constructed the longest word. Another method outlined in the Instructions booklet is for “potluck” games, where all the cubes are in play for anyone at the table.

The assortment of letters is what makes the cubes so versatile. There are 3 cubes whose sides consist of vowels only, 5 cubes which are consonants only, and 6 which are a combination of consonants and vowels. 2 sides of this last set have “Wild” sides marked with the cube head logo. This layout makes each XOOM Cube set ideal for reinforcing basic phonic rules. I let my students manipulate the cubes to choose the letters they need to carry out my instructions. (In this version, there is no rolling of the cubes.) Players compete to be the first to make 4 short vowel words; 3 silent e words; 3 double vowel words, etc.