Flip It !


A fun way to work on digraphs!      Practice visual and auditory              discrimination skills while trying to beat your opponent.

                                                                                         Discriminating: th vs. t

Two players compete to be the first to flip all 4 of their tiles. Each player is dealt a set of 4 tiles: 2 th tiles and 2 t tiles. There are 20 incomplete words in the deck of cards. The players take turns selecting a word card and flipping over the tile/s that correctly complete the word. Sometimes both a th and a t correctly complete a word, in which case 2 tiles can be flipped on one turn. And sometimes a player is forced to lose a turn because the remaining tile doesn’t work for their card. The first player with all 4 tiles flipped over is the winner. Flip It! is a very quick game which lends itself easily to short time slots or multiple rounds. It’s important to stress that the partners need to check each other on pronouncing the words and discerning whether or not they are real words in English.

Flip IT 1A

                                                                                       Discriminating: th vs. sh vs. ch

In this version, each of the players gets six tiles: 2 th, 2 sh, and 2 ch. There are 24 cards in the deck. The procedure of the game is the same as above.

WORD LIST: th vs. t

__em                         pa__                          __ink                         ba__

__in                            wi__                          __an                         po__

__ag                           we__                         __is                           __ing

__ell                           ma__                        __at                           __en

__ick                          cu__                         __ank                         __op

WORD LIST: th vs. sh vs. ch

__ip                           ba__                          __em                          di__

__ed                          wi__                           __eck                         hu__

__in                           fi__                           __op                          ra__

__at                           ru__                           __ot                           pa__

__ick                          ma__                         __ut                           ri__

__ill                            su__                          __is                            mu__