Spin It!

Spin ItThis is a fun way to develop flexibility with decoding.

6 directives go on a spinner or cube: (1) Change the vowel, (2) Find a word in it, (3) Add an ending, (4) Rhyme it, (5) Make a word with the same beginning, and (6) Use it in a sentence.

Word cards are arranged in a game track on the table. On each turn a die is rolled to tell you how many spaces to move, and then the spinner is spun (or the directions cube is rolled) to tell you what you have to do with the word you’ve landed on. Responses are given orally to keep the game moving briskly and to avoid the issue of having some misspelled words once an ending is added. If a child does not correctly complete the task, s/he moves her playing piece back one space.

Word Lists

  • clamp        drop               rust                bench          clip                 sting
  • stink          pinch              spell               swim            punch            clap
  • bunch        lift                  stub                drip              flop                tint
  • rest            rust                drink              chimp           spill                click
  • stock         damp              hung              small            dump             stab
  • flip             blank              stick               thin               lend               think
  • lump          chomp           spell               stuff              dash               trust
  • swing         pest               rush               block              blink              wrong
  • smell          skill                crab               lump              long               bank
  • land           honk              spot                mast             crash              gloss